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Retirement in Thailand – The Pros and Cons of Jomtien & Jomtien Beach

by Kim
Pros and Cons of Jomtien

So the decision has been made! Thailand has been chosen for the climate, infrastructure, value for money and laid-back way of life. Now the big question is where! Are you looking to buy a place or just enjoy the flexibility of renting which allows you to move around this enchanting country? In this article we look at Jomtien / Jomtien Beach researching the pros and cons of this popular, beach-side destination.

Located just 3 kms south of Pattaya, Jomtien is part of the Pattaya municipality but enjoys a very different character. Whilst still popular with tourists and retirees alike, it is less rowdy, more relaxed yet still offers value for money. Located just 120 kms from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport it is also now being served by the new U-Tapao airport just 30 mins away. Whilst flights are currently limited, plans are progressing to make this airport into a substantial hub. All airports are well connected by a variety of bus services.

With a total beach front of 10 kms when including Dongtan Beach, Jomtien Beach, is 6 kms long, starting at the Police Box, which is now a local landmark, and is represented by the Beach Road which separates the city from the beach. This has created a wonderful promenade popular with young and old both day and night. South of Jomtien Beach is Na Jomtien which is becoming part of Sattahip. This area is not so well planned but building rapidly and offering many opportunities but lacking the Urbanisation of Jomtien itself. The region enjoys a vast array of tourist attractions, shopping malls and of course, golf courses. This is thanks to the hundreds of thousands of tourist that flock every year to nearby Pattaya.

Most relevant facilities are located between the Jomtien Beach Road and Sukhumvit Road. You will find supermarkets, large retail outlets, hospitals and even some Government offices within the city. It has become a favoured destination for retired/retiring expats and each have brought their cultures and hospitality. It is a real mixing pot enjoying a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, despite the plethora of high-rise buildings.

Jomtien is highly favoured amongst Thais especially Bangkokians who want to escape the metropolis at the weekend. Despite the fact that it does become quite crowded at holidays and weekends there are many advantages as the Thai demands are stronger and maintain higher standards especially for food

Baht Busses provide the main form of transportation These are pickup trucks with seats in the back. They generally follow fixed routes and cost just THB.10 per person/ride! Baht busses can also be hired to go to a specific destination, but negotiate the rate first. Motor bike taxis are also readily available.

The main advantages of Jomtien and Jomtien Beach appear to be climate and price. The climate is gentle with lovely breezes coming from the sea. The promenade and beach are great features and used by many for their daily fitness regimes. The sandy beach is now very clean with local expats also helping to maintain high standards. The water quality is improving and a lot of people now enjoy their daily swims. It is not a commercial beach and has been well planted with palm trees providing some shade.

Whilst there are condos and hotels located on the beach road, these are mainly for the tourist demand, most retirees living in the area, prefer to live further back in the many developments, both large and small. Apartments can start from as little as THB.6,000 per month though 10,000-15,000 is more realistic and you will find a variety of spacious studios and 1-bedroom units. Most developments offer extensive recreation facilities, shops and parking.

The region is well developed for retired folk with numerous clubs and associations covering most nationalities. There is a vast range of restaurants and bars, many of which are owned by expats providing, if you wish, some of the comforts and flavours of home! The night life is generally subdued but still available if required. Pattaya is just a short drive away and will satisfy all forms of nocturnal activities!

Retirees here appear to be extremely active. 06:30 sees hundreds of walkers and joggers out on the promenade and some have even organised fitness training on the beach. Bicycles are an ideal form of transportation and there are hundreds of excursions available to islands or to local attractions. Golf is also prevalent with more than 20 active golf societies and a vast range of courses within a 1 hour drive. The Pattaya Sports Club provides a discount card to most Golf Clubs and a range of other activities. You can read our review on this excellent membership here

In a future article, I will be looking at specific buildings with recommendations for places to live. Maybe see you soon in Jomtien and enjoy an excellent coffee is relaxed surrounding on the beach front!

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