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Pattaya Charities Need Your Help – NOW!

by Kim

Covid-19 Pandemic is causing so much suffering in and around Pattaya – How You Can Help!

Every day, the situation in Pattaya worsens and residents are confronted with growing food lines and homeless people. Helping these unfortunate people is bipartisan with Thais and Foreigners making determined efforts to try to alleviate some of this suffering. Social Media and the Press are giving a lot of coverage to the ongoing food handouts throughout Pattaya both making people aware of the situation and how help can be given.

As a fast developing and often un-regulated urban area, Pattaya has seen its share of suffering and the stoic efforts of many well established Charities have worked tirelessly to help destitute and underprivileged people in the region. The Charities rely on donations to continue their work and despite the Covid restrictions still reach out and help a multitude of less fortunate people. Whilst all Charities have their targeted areas of support, most are having to adapt to the ever-changing crisis brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic

These are just some of these amazing charities, a short description of their tireless endeavours and a way to contact them. Please help!

The Glory Hut Foundation – is a charity providing temporary care for HIV/AIDS infected people providing a safe place to live, food and transportation to hospitals and doctors. Located outside Pattaya they always welcome practical donations of food and supplies. Naturally donations always welcome to enable them to provide comfort. Link to the Glory Hut

MERCY Pattaya – Established in 1998, MERCY Pattaya is a highly motivated and committed charity located in Pattaya. They concentrate on helping Pattaya’s poorest communities by providing food, clothing, loving care, medication and more.  Very much a ‘hands-on’ charity they always appreciate donations and volunteers to help their admirable work of bringing new opportunities to the less fortunate. Link to MERCY Pattaya

Take Care Kids – A wonderful charity with the primary aim of providing a safe and comfortable home for 15 young children whose parents are unable to look after them. Their ‘Home’ provides an oasis of peace and safety providing these underprivileged children with security and a chance for an improved life. Not only restricted to this home, Take Care Kids are tirelessly working in the slums and workers camps to identify and help children that are at risk. Link to Take Care Kids

Hand to Hand Foundation – A Christian organisation based in Pattaya with a penchant to preserving basic human rights regardless of race, age or religion. Again a ‘hands on’ charity with extensive insights in the poorest communities in and around Pattaya. Their specialised Ministries bring constructive support and comfort to the underprivileged. Adapting to the current crisis, their Facebook page indicates the support that they give and the help that you can provide. Link to Hand to Hand Foundation

Father Ray Foundation – probably the largest charity in Pattaya the Father Ray Foundation was a vision from an American Priest to ‘never turn a child away’. Created in 1974 this extremely well-run charity has developed into a massive undertaking that includes a Children’s Home (actually a village), Day Care Centre, School for Children with special needs, a school for the Blind, a Foundation for people with disabilities and a special Technological College for people with disabilities. Highly accountable and professionally run the Father Ray Foundation continues its stellar work through Donations and volunteer support. Father Ray Foundation

Pattaya Orphanage – with a compelling history, the Pattaya Orphanage has been caring for orphans since the early 80’s and today houses approximately 160 orphans that range from new-born to teenagers studying at University. Whilst currently severely restricted by Covid-19 the orphanage continues to look after its residents and offer a safe and happy home during these troubling times. Pattaya Orphanage

Baan Jing Jai Foundation – Home to more than 60 children Baan Jing Jai is in an out-of-the way rural location just north of Pattaya providing a safe-haven and full support for their children. As with all charities Baan Jing Jai are in need of food and daily requirements. If you want to explore the countryside north of Pattaya take some food or supplies and make the children here happy. Baan Jing Jai Foundation

Fountain of Life Women and Children Centre – is a very well organised charity in Naklua assisting women who have been abused including those who may have been in the sex industry, victims of physical and sexual abuse and those with disabilities. Through inter-active vocational training and fellowship their aim is to help these unfortunate ladies re-find their dignity and purpose in life. Fountain of Life

Long term residents and regular visitors to Pattaya continue to have an opportunity to help. Donations can be made to any of the above directly to assist them continue their valuable work. 

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard – are working tirelessly to support local and other projects in Thailand. Well organised and active they ensure that donations are well spent to truly deserving causes and people. If you wish to help the poor and destitute in Pattaya you can also assist by joining FORCES (Friends of Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard) please contact Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard. 

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