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Padel Ball – The Perfect Sport for Active Seniors

by Kim

Looking for a sport to play in retirement – Try Padel Ball!

Padel Ball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with more than 25 million players. Invented in 1969 by Enrique Corcuera when he converted his squash court in Acapulco. Introduced to Europe in 1974 the first courts were opened in Marbella.

Padel Ball has now come to Pattaya at the Play Padel facility on Kasetsin Soi 3 in Pratumnak where you will find two indoor courts with excellent lighting and even air conditioning.

Padel Ball for Seniors

Many seniors are looking for a way to stay both physically and mentally fit and, worldwide, Padel Ball has become a hit with over 60’s. There are many factors for this popularity mainly due to its low-impact nature. The smaller, glassed-in court makes it easier on tired joints thereby reducing the risk of injuries that are associated with high-impact sports.

Padel is an excellent cardiovascular workout without unnecessary strain on the body. You don’t have to hit hard and strategy rather than fitness is the key to the game.

It is also an incredibly social sport encouraging interaction and community spirit.

With rules close to tennis, it is easy to pick-up the game as the racket is light, no overhead serves and there is less pressure in the ball. Join the Padel Ball revolution, get healthy and make new acquaintances.

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