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New kid on the block in Pratumnak’s Culinary Scene, BrooklynRL, Soi 4, Pratumnak, Pattaya.

by Kim

BrooklynRL Restaurant has been open for a few months in a ‘soft opening’ phase. I have been following their Facebook and even visited once to find out what it was all about.

BrooklynRL is located on the bottom end of Pratumnak Soi 4. It features a Tiki bar and a few outside tables for beers, cocktails and a daily menu. Inside is the first level with just 5 tables, up on the next level is the Chef’s Table area featuring a Show Kitchen and the Chef’s Table for 8. Continue through and you come to a comfortable, open-air lounge.

The owner of Brooklyn RL is Johnathan, a renowned chef with vast experience having worked in prestigious kitchens around the world. Describing his cuisine as “American Regional with World Influence’ he brings a breath of fresh air to the Pratumnak area with his creative &  refreshing concepts. Soon to be launched will be his Chef’s Table Dinners. These will be specially prepared menus to be cooked personally by the Chef. With just 8 seats, these will be intimate culinary opportunities to enjoy creative food and wine. More details to follow!

We descended on BrooklynRL hungry having had a stressful day. One of my greatest culinary enjoyments is to dispense with having to have to look at the menu, preferring to discuss directly with the Chef what he would recommend this evening. J was really open to this and our choice was quickly and enthusiastically made.

We chose and enjoyed two exceptional dishes. The first was the 350 gm Pork Chop as this would help to reduce my craving for meat and protein. It was a large and very well-trimmed chop, grilled to succulent perfection. I had asked for some extra blue cheese and was pleased to see that this was just a delicate daubing that added a tasteful flavour hint rather than slavered in oily melted cheese! The chop was served on a perfectly presented above a Dutch Potato Cake (whipped potatoes, spice, egg smoked Gouda & Parmesan cheese, breaded) with roasted cauliflower and baby carrots. This was delectable food par excellence with a very creative twist, enabling us to appreciate the appearance, taste, texture and aroma of the plate in addition to allowing our palates to savour the individual flavours of this talented Chef.

Our second dish was a Perch Filet served with couscous and coleslaw. A substantial skin-on Perch filet perfectly grilled with just a daub of herb butter. The delicate flavour of the fish was complemented by the subtly seasoned couscous (stock, herb oil, roasted vegetables). The star of this dish was the coleslaw, just a small addition but bursting with exotic flavours (jicama, pineapple, chilli & lime)

I would describe both these dishes as “authentic, and unpretentious, cooked with a passion for flavour without unnecessary embellishment”. We enjoyed without condiments, savouring each individual flavour as prepared by this masterful Chef. Perfection on a Plate!

The total cost of our meal was THB.980 including a large Chang which we shared.

Brooklyn is most definitely a restaurant that I am going to have to return to firstly to avoid the stress of choosing from a menu and Chef Johnathan’s Private Chef’s Table Dinners will be sensational!

Visit the BrooklynRL Facebook page here

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