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Green Tea Infusions – Highly beneficial to both health and modern lifestyle

by Kim
greeen tea meandering tales

I have long been an aficionado of green and herbal tea mainly as I seem to constantly read of the health and nutritional benefits of this wonder drink including it’s antioxidants, improvements to brain function, ability to boost the metabolic rate, possible protection against cancer, possible reductions on the risk of neurodegenerative disorders and many more advantages.

In Thailand we are blessed with a vast choice in the supermarkets partly due to the strong Japanese influence however these are mostly mass produced products and whilst convenient (teabags) how much to they actually help us and how can we enjoy more benefits! I was fortunate to receive a jar of special tea as a Christmas present and investigations to the Company’s website showed a range of highly specialised , premium tea infusions for ailments, treatments or even for specific times of the day.

I had researched the teas that I wanted to try and headed out for an adventure to their recommended retailers on a hot Saturday. However it was a wild good chase as the two locations suggested, no longer exist. A dejected mood saw me passing the outdoor Chinese market at Em Quartier and who was there but representatives of The TE Lab! Their staff were rather taken back by my enthusiasm and, I believe, extremely happy with my purchase! From their website I had selected the following:-

Green Monsoon: This is a concoction of roasted brown rice, grassy green tea enhanced with powdered Matcha. Evidently this tea is a great energy booster for the metabolism and a super anti-oxidant calorie burner. Am I loosing weight whilst writing this article?

Spa in a Cup: This enjoys an amazing aroma combining lemon and mint due to the main ingredients of Lemongrass and Peppermint. An excellent source of vitamins A, B & C plus Folate, Zinc and Calcium. This tea boots the immune system and improves digestion. Evidentially it also helps you have bright eyes and clear skin!

Anti-oxidant Green Tea: This many, I am slightly overweight and use every opportunity to improve my physique and wellbeing through any means available. I love green tea so I can combine my wishes and requirements. This green tea is made from un- oxidised (air dried) and therefore contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenol providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Energising Ginseng Tea: This is a mixture of Chinese Oolong and Ginseng producing a floral aroma with a lingering sweetness. Ginseng helps to boost the immune system, give energy, improve cognitive alertness and lower cholesterol in addition to many other symptoms. Good for strengthening against fatigue and stress.

Spice Potion: Combines the spiciness of ginger softened with mint and is rich in Vitamin C and magnesium. This infusion helps relieve nausea, stress and menstrual discomfort as well as improving stomach performance, blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Silent Lullaby: If you have any difficulties sleeping at night you must try this! On my first attempt I believe that I packed too much of the mixture into the tea bag as I did not wake until after 12:00! It is an amazingly aromatic and relaxing mixture of Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Liquorice and Marigold. It really helps me sleep at night!

All Te Teas come in re-sealable glass jars. The products must be fresh and perfectly dried as all ingredients hold remain intact and you will not find loads of dust at the bottom.. I use simple, single use tea bags that are naturally biological degradable, so no remnants clogging my drains! I tend to let the water stand for a few minutes after it has boiled as the ideal temperature for green tea is 65-70C

I would like to iterate that I have not been paid to write this article. The thoughts, comments and recommendations are based on my research, my tastes and what benefits I want to receive from each tea! Further details of these amazing teas can be found at www.thetepot.com

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