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Medical Care in Thailand – Sukhumvit Hospital an excellent facility on Sukhumvit Road

by Kim
Sukhumvit Hospital Bangkok

Bangkok is fortunate to have a great concentration of Medical Care facilities including State owned Hospitals, Privately owned hospitals and a vast array of specialised clinics. In fact, there are more than 1,000 public hospitals and more than 300 private hospitals registered with the Ministry of Public Health’s Medical Registration Division. There are hospitals run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, many by the Armed Forces and a growing number in the private sector.

The Private Sector in Bangkok has grown swiftly due to several factors. Investors have seen the vast opportunities presented by Bangkok as a medical hub. They have constructed and fitted out state-of-the-art facilities that are equal to medical institutions around the world. Thailand also undertook a major drive to ensure sufficient quantities of qualified staff to run these institutions and the Tourism Department has extensively promoted the quality and value of treatment in Thailand.

A majority of the private hospitals have amalgamated into groups to enable specialisation and International marketing. Sukhumvit Hospital appears to be an Independent facility and is a vast complex located on the Sukhumvit road close to the Ekamai BTS station. It’s a 16 storey building with 243 patient rooms and 95 diagnosis rooms treating on average up to 2,000 patients a day. It received JCI accreditation in 2015. It’s Medical Centres offer 16 specific areas of treatment in addition to full, modern Emergency services.

I am currently using Sukhumvit Hospital primarily due to it’s location and have been extremely satisfied with the level of services received. Fortunately, these have only been outpatient treatments and I have found the service to be extremely efficient, the diagnosis accurate and informative without going in to excessive examination for non-existent symptoms. Whilst I have a local Medical Insurance, this is primarily for accident and serious treatments and I have an excess to minimise the costs. My outpatient treatments are paid by cash and, to date, all treatments and services have been reasonably priced.

The staff are efficient and friendly. The Doctors speak excellent English and quickly grasp the nature of the ailments and prescribe what is required rather than a policy of Polypharmacy prescribing excessive medication.

Access is easy from Sukhumvit Road and from the BTS. The Reception area is large and accommodation with specialised staff speaking a myriad of languages. Their system is efficient with short waiting times.

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