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Business in Bangkok – Relocate to the City of Angels

by Kim

Bangkok and Thailand in general offer relatively good potential forbusiness whether joint ventures or your own business in the City of Angels. Naturally local rules apply and we do not recommend considering Bangkok unless you are familiar and have spent some time in the city.

Bangkok provides an amazing life style, it does get hot and it does rain a lot during the raining season, but a vast number of opportunities, highly qualified labour force and readily available high quality offices at sensible rent combine to make Bangkok a choice for many.

Thailand’s leading role in the ASEAN community also marks itself as a strong plus and much cheaper than other Asian cities.

CULTURE – Probably the largest challenge is Thai culture. Whilst wonderful and highly respectful, it is a major obstacle to modern business with an ingrained hierarchy and traditions. Before you consider Bangkok as your place of business travel here and spend time understanding these amazing people, their culture and their traditions.

A majority of Thais are pleased to see their country and Bangkok in particular become a modern business hub, however there remains a deep believe that what they doe is the way and your ideas do not fit their traditions. When you hear “That will not work in Bangkok” then you probably have an opportunity for an excellent business!

Banking, Insurance and Manufacturing are now highly structured businesses employing 1,000s of people around the country and there are many massive Thai conglomerates.

Thailand now respects the potential from Entrepreneurism and SME’s and Government support is on its way.

Bangkok remains the centre though major cities around the country also offer vast opportunities with International companies now actively investing in Thailand.

Some rules to follow :-

  1. If you have only worked in your own country and never aboard, trying to do business in Bangkok will probably drive you crazy
  2. Immerse yourself in their culture religion, traditions and superstitions to understand the Thai way of life.
  3. Talk slowly. If someone does not understand you, speaking louder will not help!
  4. Never get angry, you loose face in Thailand!
  5. Come, look and observe the myriad of opportunities presented by a fast developing country and labour force.
  6. Appreciate the lifestyle offered by Bangkok and the vast choice for everything
  7. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity
  8. Always take and listen to local, professional advice
  9. Come with an open mind and be prepared to make changes to suit local conditions
  10. Smile! Thais smile, so smile with them!

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