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Adult Play-time in Bangkok – It’s here if you want it!

by Kim

Bangkok is infamous worldwide for it’s incredibly relaxed and open-minded attitude. Whilst Thai people will display an aura of dignity and decency, behind the scenes there is a sub culture to suit every fantasy and basic instincts.

Fancy a fling with a lovely Thai lady when you are in Bangkok? Then why not? There are thousand of ladies who would be happy to meet you,to cater to your requirements, fulfil your dreams and of course relieve you of some of your cash! The variety is virtually endless from hardened hookers to lovely ladies looking for a bit of extra cash on the side. Whilst prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand,you can find it everywhere. A majority of the girls here are struggling to pay their bills and an evening out, or a trip to the islands for a few days with their ‘lover’ is a welcome break from their mundane lives. Naturally some additional cash is also a welcome incentive.

Single girls are to be found everywhere, on dating sites, in the beer bars, Gogo joints, on the streets, in the malls, in fact absolutely everywhere. Be polite, be friendly, be correct and never renege on your ‘deal’. You will have so many happy memories!

Adult Play-time in Bangkok – It’s here if you want it! 6

The heterosexual scene is vast and the alternative scene even larger.It is not just limited to men-girl relationships. Many couples enjoy the company of a sensuous Thai lady or even Ladyboy (more about this later). Gay people can also find what ever they want from boys to tomboys. It’s all in Bangkok!

Thai ladies come in all shapes and sizes and the majority are wonderful company. The expression ‘love you dearly short time’, is topical, you can feel that they do love you but will then take the money and leave without turning back. The choice is endless from the lovely ladies in the Soapy Massages, beer bars, Go-Go bars and Clubs or even on the street. If this is not your scene a few minutes invested on a Dating site will reward you with several ladies looking for company. Naturally escorts and call girls are also available if you prefer more discretion.

Ladyboys are a Thai sensation and it is often estimate that 10% of the entire population is now trans gender. Ladyboys are not only the stereotyped tall, over-beautiful, deep voiced images that the press will show. Sure, some are hardened professionals (they have a lot of costs to create and preserve their looks) but many are very sweet and normal people with regular jobs. They also come in every shape and size and many are great company. Don’t be ashamed try the ladyboy experience at least once in your life! There are professional escorts and many ladyboy bars in Nana and Cowboy (great fun) and also on dating sites. Remember what happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok!

Massage in Bangkok has many interpretations. Whilst there are thousands of legitimate massage salons when you can receive a professional massage there are also a variety of adult alternatives.These massages are generally advertised as oil massage and all clothes are off and can have a ‘happy end’ or full service depending on your desires. Bangkok Soapy Massages are a speciality of the city where you choose your girl and she first cleans you in the shower or bath before providing you with the surreal experience of a full body to body massage. The more adventurous will try a Ladyboy massage with all manners of happy ends. Other alternatives based on Tantric techniques are also becoming available including Lingam massage and prostrate milking. What ever you want, you will find it in Bangkok!

Just few short words of warning. As in every culture there are less honest people and scammers, keep your wits about you and apply caution. With such promiscuity there are naturally risks of diseases so safe sex is always highly recommended!

Enjoy if you want!

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