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Black Mountain Golf Club – Hua Hin, a great golfing excellence

by Kim
Black Mountain Golf Thailand

Black Mountain is for me one of those really memorable courses. It does not matter how well you played but the lingering memories of a superbly designed course in great condition, glorious weather and of course, excellent companions.

Black Mountain is a 27 hole course complex located in scenic foothills, close to Hua Hin (about 2 hours from Bangkok). The original 18 holes opened in 2007 and an additional 9 holes added in 2016.

The 12 km drive out to Hua Hin is a lovely journey in itself. One exits the sprawling suburbs of Hua Hin and enters into virtual scrubland in the foothills. I always as myself the question; What did these intrepid investors/developers think as they explored this rough, un-touched and un-populated terrain? Who could have such a vision to purchase the hundreds of acres and envisage an International golf course, village development, water park and more? My heartfelt admiration goes out to Stig Notlöv for his foresight and imagination! In 2005 with the land acquired, more than 1,000 construction workers descended on this barren landscape to create his dream in record time, opening in 2007.

Black Mountain very soon estalished itself as on of Thailand’s best and most interesting courses and from the moment that you arrive until the moment that you will depart you will be treated so well by the attentive staff. The Pro-Shop is well stocked and green fees and extras handled efficiently. Locker Rooms are bright, clean and offer full facilities. Take time to enjoy the Club House with it’s spectacular views over the course. The kitchen here is excellent and the prices most reasonable.

Black Mountain now has 3 x 9-hole courses. The East Course are the original 9 holes, the North Course which was the original back nine and the West Course offering a new 9 hole experience.

The original 18 holes of the East and North course offer a spectacular golfing experience. Many of the T boxes have sweeping visas of the course and area whilst each hole appears to be different. It is a challenging course with lots of natural obstacles including the creeks that cross the course. However it is also a forgiving course (except for the water) allowing most golfers to enjoy a reasonable score.

The new West course has a bit of a mundane start with flat holes amongst the developing real estate, but once the play moves into the valley, the new holes resemble the original 18.

Black Mountain is also famous for it’s marvellous Caddies. They are smart, friendly and their knowledge of the course and especially the greens is limitless. Playing with Caddies in Thailand is always enjoyable, however the Black Mountain ladies are among the best!

Black Mountain Golf Course, highly recommended to a challenging and most enjoyable golfing experience. Current prices: Green Fee THB.3,600, Caddie Fee THB.350 (mandatory), Buggy THB.700.

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