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Wat Chak Yai – near Chanthaburi

by Kim

Looking for Inspiration or just some great photo shots? You will find both at Wat Chak Yai!

If you are in the Chanthaburi area, a visit to Wat Chak Yai is highly recommended.

Maybe it’s not the most impressive or devout Temple but it is well worth visiting. It is hard to describe what you will see as there are hundreds of life-sized alabaster figures, all vividly coloured, portraying some of the ways in which the Lord Buddha preached.

It is actually called a Buddhist Park as it covers a large formerly forested area and many wonderful old trees remain. The range of figures and scenes that you will see here can almost be described as Conceptual Art. They are breath-taking in a simplistic form and inspirational in their simplistic yet colourful execution. Founded in 1955 as a meditation centre and following to the vision of the Phra Thammarat (the Rector), full size religious artifacts were created around the park by his followers. Most of the ‘scenes’ depict the way that the Lord Buddha preached to his disciples.

The ‘scenes’ are most impressive and the tranquillity of the area, quite profound. Just a short drive from Chanthaburi it is easy to find using GPS. There are no charges, just park your car and wander around and stare in wonder!

Wat Chak Yai – near Chanthaburi 18

Kim Waddoup


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