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Small is Beautiful – Secret Café, a hidden gem in Pratumnak

by Kim

The Quest to find Pattaya’s best coffee (Part 1)

Psssst! Want to know a secret? Want to know where to enjoy one of the best cups of coffee in Pattaya? Well it’s not a secret but the name is Secret Café. Located at the end of Pratumnak Soi 5. It is a gathering place for coffee aficionados from around the area and further afield. Not really a café rather a kiosk with a few chairs and tables located in front of Tesco Lotus Express and close to Phra Tamnak Beach it is one of the best kept secrets and serves some of the best coffee in Pattaya. As a purist, I drink only Espresso double shot as I feel that this is the best way to enjoy and rate unadulterated coffee without any ‘cosmetics’ or additional flavours.

The double shot espresso at Secret Café (THB.60) is seriously one of the best in Pattaya. It’s almost Italian style. Short, strong and smooth:-

Small is Beautiful – Secret Café, a hidden gem in Pratumnak 9
Maybe the tastiest Espresso in Pattaya!

Presentation: Classic style espresso, lush rich ‘crema’. Aroma: DarkChocolate tempered with Caramel, syrup. Taste: Good acidity with sharp and pleasing taste. Mouthfeel: Strong, smooth, heavy body. Aftertaste: A lasting flavour of chocolate & caramel

Rating on the Meandering Tales Coffee Scale 92 points.

Secret Café proves that it is possible to make exceptional coffee even in the simplest of surroundings. Their coffee blend is from Chiang Mai perfectly roasted professionally ground to release all the flavour. A well trusted Bezzera Ellisse espresso machine and wonderful service with a smile from the lovely ladies Om and Kik. Highly rated!


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