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Mozza by Cocotte – Great Italian food with a cool, relaxed atmosphere

by Kim

As a regular visitor in the EmQuartier shopping center I am always amazed at the vast choice and high level of the eating establishments within this relatively new complex. I have my favourite coffee/light dining places and decided to try the relatively new Mozza by Cocotte yesterday.

Mozza is a large and spacious restaurant and eatery located on the ground floor with a very comfortable terrace. First impressions were excellent and the staff most attentive. The menu is exclusively Italian with a comprehensive range from cheese and cold cuts, Buratta, salads, pasta, risottos, pizzas and main courses. So an extensive Italian menu for every taste.

Whilst perusing the menu I sampled their espresso. It is the Lavazza brand, quite standard but lacking the exquisite freshly roasted flavours served by Mozza’s neighbours next door!

I was badly tempted by the pizza and decided on the Latteria a pizza of 8 cheeses(!) including gorgonzola, talegio, scarmozam fontina, asiago, ricotta and toma. A true blend of Italy’s classic cheeses.

Sitting on their terrace is a lovely experience and you can watch people pass and there was a lovely balmy early evening atmosphere. However do not that the terrace seems a very popular place for Mother’s and their kids! I am sure that it is quieter when the kids are packed off to bed! Otherwise a comfortable and rather chic style with large sofas in addition to their tables.

When the pizza arrived I could see that it would be too much for me and than my abstention from cheese for several weeks was my downfall. The base was well prepared and literally filled with cheese. A nice range of condiments including oregano, chilli and infused oil completed the experience. Be warned, it is a serious cheese bomb and not for the faint hearted, but succulent and delicious. Felling overdosed from the cheese I ordered a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc. Not having checked the wine list I was initially surprised by the bouquet and initial flavour. Obviously from New Zealand I initially guessed that it must be a Villa Maria but as the wine breathed the flavour was more subtle and excellent. The wine was from the Brancott Estate in the Marlborough region. Excellent and a necessary remedy to break down the cheese.

One more espresso followed to finish the meal.

Mozza is not a cheap eatery and do note that all menu prices are subject to service charge and tax. However the quality is excellent, the service perfect and very friendly, the ambience perfect and the lasting impression good.

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