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Steak Restaurants in Bangkok look out! You now have big competition!

by Kim

The opening of a completely new restaurant is always an exciting occasion, as, despite the plethora of eating places, Bangkok still has space for new stars. However it is sometimes with trepidation that one approaches the new establishment. Will it be just another re-incarnation of the ambiguous pub offering ‘everything to everyone’ or will this be a really special place that you can look forward to returning to time and time again.

The opening of The Steakhouse Co. just 20 meters from Silom Road offering a new spin on an exceptional steak dining experience was intriguing and worthy of exploration. Well signposted on Silom Road and just a very short walk from the BTS the Steakhouse Co. presents a good impression from the first sight. Comfortable bar tables on the terrace provide an excellent place to enjoy a beer, peruse the menu and watch the ever-changing scene. However it was a warm evening and AC was definitely required, so we ventured inside.

On entering the Steakhouse Co., one is immediately aware of the aura of this restaurant. It’s not vast, rather intimate and cosy in a modern, proficient atmosphere. The staff are extremely friendly and bid you a warm welcome with genuine smiles. Being a traditionalist, I enjoy a beer at the bar before I even consider the menu, so we headed to the well stocked bar to peruse the choice. Draught beer aficionado’s will appreciate the choice of Becks Pilsner, Hoegaarden, Sapporo, Asahi and a most unusual Zoller Organic Wheat ‘Zwickl’ a delicious unfiltered beer, moderately bitter than malty and sweet yet very smooth, from the traditional Zoller Hof family brewery in Sigmaringen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, southern Germany. This is complemented with a comprehensive range of bottled/craft beers and naturally a vast range of cocktails are also available from a team of professional bar staff who will mix whatever your heart desires!

Dutifully fortified it was time to peruse the menu! As the ambiance in the Steakhouse Co. is cosy and relatively dimly lit, I immediately reached for the torch facility on my cell-phone to be able to read the menu. Not necessary in this restaurant as the Steakhouse Co. has, most thoughtfully provided illuminated menus that make the task so much easier! It is an extensive but concentrated menu. A good choice of appetisers, salads and soups, some alternatives but obviously the main emphasis was on steak. For starters we chose the Heart of Iceberg Wedge (205 baht) and crispy fried calamari (185 baht).

Choosing your steak is more complicated as the Steakhouse Co. offers U.S.D.A. Certified Angus Beef, Australian Black Angus, Australian 120-day Dry Aged, Australian Wagyu and Japanese Kobe. The list of cuts includes Tenderloin, New York Strip, Rib Eye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin and Tomahawk. So with a challenge approaching that of an Ikea self build, we called in the Chef! As neither of us are big meat eaters, his suggestion was to try a sample plate of 3 steaks with one each from USDA Strip, Argentinian strip and 120 day dry aged Australian. We also went for creamed spinach and buttered mash and again there is a vast choice on the menu.

Having mentioned the choice of beer, it is important to note that the Steakhouse Co. has a wine list worthy of many top restaurants. Many old and trusted favourites plus a carefully selected choice of wines from around the world. Our choice was down to a Crianza or a New Zealand Pinot Noir. The Sommelier is from France and has a deep appreciation of wine and his suggestions and comments were excellent. On his recommendation we chose the 2014 Pinot Noir from Framingham located in the Marlborough wine producing region on New Zealand’s South Island. A truly excellent and enjoyable wine ideally suited to the steaks with its meat and game flavours over sweet red cherry and plum fruit against an oak char. Complex with hints of smoke and spice, slightly dusty tannins and a perky acid taste.(1,900 baht)

The only slight criticism to the Steakhouse Co. was that all dished were served at the same time but this could have been our own fault at not requesting this at the time of ordering. With the table groaning under the weight of the preponderance of food we thought that it was time to eat. However there was another surprise in that a very serious waiter arrived carrying a bright red presentation box. With much aplomb he opened this box to show their collection of steak knives and we were effectively asked to ‘choose our weapon’. Now the feast could commence!

The three perfectly prepared steaks (rare) were presented for us to share and the little flags helped us remember which was which. Trying the simplest first we proceed to sample each with our ratings going constantly upwards! Probably our favourite was, naturally the 120 dry aged Australian had the more developed flavour and was so tender but each cut of meat presented a specific taste and were prepared to perfection! The wine perfectly paired with the deep flavours of the steaks. The crispy calamari was a little bit lost with the steaks on the table, but were succulent slices of fresh and crispy calamari. The only slight disappointment was the Iceberg Wedge, whilst crispy and fresh the dressing veered toward a bland mayonnaise rather than a rich concoction of blue cheese and ranch dressing to compliment and highlight the lettuce.

Many restaurateurs work with the creed the ‘the last impression is the impression that lasts’ and again the Steakhouse Co. has a last surprise and it’s not the ambiguous ‘home made’ Limoncello! As the bill has been paid, incidentally no service charge is a nice surprise in a quality restaurant, you are presented with a farewell drink, compliments of the house. In keeping with the attention to detail and quality of the establishment, this is an absolutely amazing Salted Karamel Vodka that has been specially created by a renowned mixologist. Words cannot describe the flavours but will put a smile on any face and leave a lasting impression.

The meal was superb and the staff extremely attentive and caring. The restaurant was pleasantly filled by this time with many tables taken and people looking at the menus at the bar. In my opinion, the Steakhouse Co. is one of the better steakhouses in Bangkok. They have created a smaller more intimate atmosphere with a high concentration on excellent steaks, a comprehensive and interesting wine list and extremely friendly service. Highly recommended!

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