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Good Fortune brings me to the Oriental Siam Resort, Chiang Mai

by Kim
oriental siam resort chiang mai

Sometimes when travelling for pleasure or business, one spends a lot of time researching the hotel, checking the location and reading reviews to see if it sounds suitable for your requirements. Due to the superlatives used on so many sites and websites, often the expectations become greatly elevated which on some occasions can lead to disappointment.

However sometimes a quick decision, based on the requirement to be as close as possible to a specific location can lead to the discovery of a gem! This was my situation with the charming Oriental Siam Resort. A quick search of my preferred hotel booking App, www.Booking.com located the hotel and the price suited my budget. I booked without receiving any reviews and therefore my arrival lead to a series of great surprises and a lot of ‘Wow’ Factor!

The Oriental Siam Resort is not centrally located in Chiang Mai but a little bit outside (perfect for my requirements). My trusted navigator app brought me from the main road through a small village and then indicated to the rear of a Temple. What am I coming to? Then the signs appeared and my introduction o the Oriental Siam Resort began. They were actually waiting for me to arrive! They even knew my name! My luggage was removed from the car and we made our way through the entrance. The Resort comprises of many buildings around a beautiful garden with a pond and a swimming pool. One can see that it is a labour of love as everything is so meticulous. Following the meandering path I was taken to my room which is actually a self-contained bungalow consisting of a terrace, large bed room,dressing room, spacious bathroom and even a private patio at the rear. I am not sure of the exact size, but large, spacious and fully equipped.

There are only 11 rooms and it turned out that I was the only person staying there. Some minor renovations of the bar/restaurant were on-going but had no effect on my stay.

The property has worked hard to provide a Chiang Mai/Thai experience.They have their own rice fields, children’s play area and I believe also a gym. My visit was short with a busy schedule so I did not explore all the facilities. I will do this next time!

If you are looking for peace and quiet combined with comfort, the Oriental Siam Resort can be most highly recommended! Make a reservation at the Oriental Siam Resort

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